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Inspired Yoga is a luxurious yoga studio in Newport, Vermont. We offer our students a gathering space to sip tea before class, customized river rock shower, two toilet rooms, changing room, quality retail items, luxurious essential oil infused hot/cold cloths, and FIR Infrared Heaters. 


Casey Baraw was drawn to ashtanga as a way to avoid back surgery. From 2007-2009 she was inspired to obtained her 235 hour teacher training with YogaKids. Working with a number of schools, she integrated yoga into the educational system to offer programs to students, educators and health care professionals. She developed a small business employee benefit program offering yoga as preventative health care to local businesses, non-profit organizations and corporations.


In 2011 Casey attended David Swenson and Shelly Washington's yoga workshop and completed their Ashtanga teacher training in 2013. She graduated from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach. Casey obtained her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certificate through Yoga Vermont and her 300hr teacher training in Goa, India. 



{Registered Yoga School}












Preregister :: Check In 

Please visit the website, Inspired Yoga’s Facebook, or the MINDBODY app to book your class. 

Slow Months :: Winters

Our data shows the slowest months to be November, April and May.  As we approach the holiday seasons, the new preregistration policy will help us manage which classes to keep and which classes to pull. Our students are inspiring the class times and types and the data shows which are performing. We are making decisions based on the past two years to date. Casey will do her best to accommodate everyone's schedules and offer plenty opportunities to attend weekly.  In December and January, our evening classes will pick up and we will be adding more evening classes to the schedule. Thank you for understanding. 


Inspired Yoga is working hard to brand as we become a Registered Yoga School {RYS}.  We are requiring new teachers to be a student and sub at Inspired Yoga to learn the culture of our students and developing school at least one month before scheduled.  Thank you for your patience as we hope to bring new talent to our practice in November.  


Preregistration Policy

Inspired Yoga will be saving on time, energy, and money by setting studio policies during the slow and winter months.  Inspired Yoga is going to ask members, card holders, and drop in's to preregister for classes at least one hour before the class is scheduled using the MINDBODY app.  


{Let's be honest, most of us know when we're planning on a class an hour before it starts.


This does not mean you can't drop into class spontaneously.  It just means the class may be full or canceled and you may want to know before driving out.  Spa Yoga and our Hot House classes have a strict maximum and minimum policy.


This policy will help us manage performing class times and teachers. It inspires other students who are coming to know there's going to be other students attending; class isn't a class without students. We want to encourage you to put your name down for the classes you intend to attend even if you're not 100% sure you will make it.  The app is designed to inspire you to come and easy to cancel if your plans change. 'Drop Ins' and 'Class Cards' will not be redeemed or punched until we 'Check You In' before class begins. No Shows' will be canceled out.  Other studios charge a fee for no shows and we don't believe that's necessary until it becomes a problem.  During the slow and winter months, this will allow us to contact you directly if class is canceled.


General Class Policy ::  Hatha, Slow Flow, Regular Scheduled Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Intro, and Yoga Therapeutics all fall under the following policy.

  • Inspired will need four students to be preregistered in order to turn the infrared heaters past 80D. 

  • We will only cancel class if there's only one student preregistered. 

  • We will not cancel if there are two or more students preregistered.

  • If class is canceled, we will call or text to let students know one hour before class to give plenty of notice and send an email notification.

  • 'Drop Ins' and 'Class Cards' will not be redeemed or punched until we 'Check In Students' before class begins.

Specialty Classes :: 5:30AM Hot House Vinyasa  ::  Spa Yoga

·      Our luxurious specialty classes will require Pre Registration ONLY. 

·      These classes take a lot of energy and preparation to deliver a 'Spa' experience. 

·      FOUR’ person preregistered 'Minimum' will be required to host our specialty classes.  

·      Class will be canceled no later than one hour before the class time and you will be notified personally.  

·      We hope to inspire our friends to join us during these special classes :)

Respect for Teacher & Practitioners

  • Inspired Yoga is a place for healing, not gossiping or politics

  • Leave your ego at the door

  • Inspired Yoga teachers are professionals and expected to be treated with respect, never objectified with zero tolerance 

·       Whether coming or going, try not to step on anyone’s mat

  • Turn off all cell phones 

  • Remove shoes before entering the practice space

  • Roll mats out quietly

  • If you have arrived early and are talking to your fellow practitioners, please do so in a low volume so that others can begin their practice peacefully

  • The studio is only available 15 minutes before and after each class for use by students

  • Please be on time, doors lock one minute after scheduled time

  • Move your mat around to make space in a crowded class. Please maintain lines as it helps us utilize the available space well

  • Move your mat around every few classes so that everyone gets to be upfront

  • If you are new, need to make a payment, or if there is something you need to talk to the teacher about, please arrive early to do so

  • If you need the instructor’s attention beyond class time  and it is something that will take more than 5 minutes. Please consider booking the instructor’s time for a private session

Let the instructor know about any physical issues and preferences. If you have a problem such as a bad back or a frozen shoulder, or if you prefer not to receive any hands-on assists (this is when a teacher touches a student to improve their alignment or make them more comfortable), let the instructor know before class. 


Cleanliness & Dress Code

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending a yoga class

  • Perfume or cologne are to be kept at a minimum

  • Dress code includes track pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, tops and t-shirts 

  • Please wear clothing that allows the teacher to see the body line

  • If you tend to break out into a heavy dripping sweat, please bring your own towel

  • Consider having your own mat for hygiene reasons

  • Please wipe all studio mats used after your practice, even if you did not soil them

  • Stack props back neatly into the shelf

  • If you are sick, please stay home. We may be forced to ask you to leave in order to protect the health of everyone at the studio


  • We encourage all participants to arrive prior to the start of class. This will give you enough time to settle down, check in, disconnect from the world outside and allow for a better practice

  • Doors lock at the start of class

Plan to Stay 


If you must leave early, let the teacher know, and do it before savasana, the period of final relaxation at the end of class. Again, this is to not disturb your classmates during a key part of class — experts often say savasana is the most important and challenging pose in yoga. Whether coming or going, try not to step on anyone’s mat.


Validity & Refund Policy

  • Please take note of the expiration date on each pass and plan accordingly. These details are available at the time of enrollment or on our schedule page

  • Memberships cannot be extended, put on hold or transferred for any reason

  • In case of unexpected travel, issues at home, transport or other scenarios that are beyond our control, please understand that we cannot alter package validity. We encourage you to respect our policies to help serve you better and without bias.

  • Discounts may only be redeemed at time of purchase and may not be retroactively discounted. Only one discount may be applied at a time

  • Inspired Yoga does not guarantee schedules and reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter class schedules, workshops, or retreats. We do our best to immediately inform students of any changes. Please check the online schedule for class cancellations or studio closures.

  • Membership cancellations hold a 50% buy out.

  • Inspired Yoga accepts cash and all major credit cards. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 processing fee in addition to the original amount.